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John Madeley is a best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster, specialising in economic and social development issues, notably international trade, transnational corporations, food and agriculture, aid and human rights.  He is the author of many books, newspaper articles and other publications.  Based in Reading, he keeps in trim with medium-distance cycling.

Last updated December 2008

John Madeley’s latest book is:

Beyond Reach?

Publication date: 17th October 2009

When a feisty young married woman inspires a church minister with an inappropriate choice of women to join a campaign to end poverty, the result is an explosive mix that takes them into a world that neither bargained for.

Set in 2005 this novel is an eye-witness account of the Make Poverty History campaign, of the scrapes and joys of campaigning for a just cause.

Taking the reader through English suburbia, to Gleneagles in Scotland, and Niger, West Africa, John Madeley tells a sensitive, witty story of a relationship between people who are dedicated to ending poverty, Their relationship energises them for the campaign, leading them to a devastating exposé of government duplicity.

Anyone who took part in the Make Poverty History campaign, who bought a wrist band, who now wants to see the end of poverty, or who just wants a good read, will find this an inspiring book.

‘A revealing story about a scandal of our time, witty, sharp - and above all urgent’ - Rosie Boycott

‘In this amusing novel, John Madeley links modern ethics and politics with the age-old issues of relationships and the meaning of life. All this, with serious intent, too’ - Tim Lang

‘In the tradition of Saturday, this outstanding novel weaves together the world of public events with the private world of individual lives’ - Carl Rayer

‘Be warned, this book could change your life’ - Ann Pettifor

Published by Longstone Books,
ISBN 978-0-9554373-7-3

Price £9.99 (Quantity discounts available. Contact author)

Tel: +44 118 947 6063

Royalties from the book go to agencies who are working to end poverty

Recent books by John Madeley:

Big Business, Poor Peoples 
How Transnational Corporations Damage the World's Poor (Second Edition) 

December 2008

    A snappy guide to how transnational corporations effect the global poor

    Updated edition of a best-selling title, with a new chapter and material on climate change and responses to it, such as Biofuels 

    Authored by a leading expert and broadcaster on development and environmental issues

    First edition sold over 3,500 copies [ISBN: 978 1 85649 672 8]

Publisher: Zed Books      

Paperback Price £ 16.99/ $ 30.95

Paperback ISBN-13: 9781848130333; Paperback ISBN-10: 1848130333

Hardback Price £ 60.00 / $ 99.95

Hardback ISBN-13: 9781848130326; Hardback ISBN-10: 1848130325

Comments on “Big Business, Poor Peoples”

Authoritative and highly readable, Madeley names the names and tells the stories to provide a clear answer to those who cling to the myth that foreign investment, transnational corporations, the IMF, the World Bank and UNDP are an answer to the prayers of the poor.  An excellent book that should be read by everyone committed to ending global poverty.   -          David Korten

Readable and persuasive....a timely and cogent examination of transnational corporations, the engines that drive globalization.    New Internationalist

50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade (with Miles Litvinoff).  
February 2007

Fair trade is growing fast, offering hope for the poor from international trade.  50 Reasons To Buy Fair Trade gives powerful reasons for buying these goods. It illustrates how the poor benefit and how consumers can play an important role when they shop. An inspiring guide that shows how everyone can make a difference.

Publisher: Pluto Press.  Price £7.99.  ISBN 0-7453-2584-X

Comments on  50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

‘A lively, accessible and inspiring survey of how fair trade is bringing new hope to poor producers around the world.’  Paul Chandler, Chief Executive, Traidcraft

‘The best and most comprehensive guide around to the principles and practice of fair trade.’   Joanna Blythman, food writer and campaigner

 ‘This well researched, balanced and inspiring book is a great guide to how and why the empowered individual can make a difference.’   Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks

100 ways to Make Poverty History
An Action kit to change your world (September 2005)

It’s time poverty was made history.  We can all contribute to this.  On every page of this book is a simple action plan - 100 effective ideas that could make a real difference to the way that millions of people live in the developing world.

From e-mailing the Prime Minister to local campaigning, making choices about shopping, food and travel, everyone can play an active part in making poverty history.  This is not simply a book of high ideals – there are step-by-step instructions with telephone numbers, website addresses and detailed advice on how to get your message heard.

Publisher Canterbury Press, Price £5.99.  ISBN: 1 85311 683 1

Comments on 100 ways to Make Poverty History

 Has arrived in the nick of time.  Slim and easily digestible...packed with practical ideas - Sarah Meyrick, Church Times.

 ....makes an ideal handbook for youth group leaders looking for project ideas or a private citizen seeking to make a difference.  - Methodist Recorder

 A great book to give to someone we hope will join us in the fight to make poverty history - Enid Fox, Coracle


A Peoples World
Alternatives to Economic Globalization (September 2003)

John Madeley has interviewed some of the world’s most courageous and innovative campaigners and progressive thinkers.  Here is what they think about what globalization really is, what's wrong with it and what are the practicable and concrete alternatives.

 Interviewees include: Peggy Antrobus, Walden Bello, Barry Coates, Fiona Dove, Gustavo Esteva, Hazel Henderson, Francois Houtart, Martin Khor, David Korten, Caroline Lucas MEP, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Ann Pettifor, Devinder Sharma, Vandana Shiva and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.  The book strips bare the myth that there are no alternatives to corporate-driven globalization

 The second half the book looks at what needs to happen to enable alternatives to be implemented, paying particular attention to:

•   Tackling corporate power.  Regulation; accountability; restructuring; dismantling; citizen revolt.
  The World Trade Organisation - reform or replace?
  Switching the economic emphasis from the global to the local;
  Cancellation of foreign debt.

 An inspiring and relevant book of ideas and practical proposals for a world that is more just, humane, stable and diverse.

Publisher: Zed Books    Hardback: ISBN:1 84277 222 8.  £32.95 Paperback.  ISBN:1 84277 222 6.  £9.99

Food for All
The Need for a New Agriculture (2002)

What kind of agriculture do we need to feed the world?  Governments have committed themselves to halving hunger by the year 2015 as a first step towards food for all.  The target is difficult but achievable. 

 The book shows that we already have the experience on which to base a new approach to agricultural production and feeding the world's population.  Millions need better access to the land from which the market forced them, and a more equitable income distribution.  The books outlines the changes that could offer viable and sustainable livelihoods to resource-poor farmers, and, above all, food for the hungry. 

Publisher: Zed Books     Hardback:  ISBN 1 84277 018 7.  £32.95     Paperback ISBN 1 84277 019 5    £9.99

 Comments on “Food for All”

I welcome John Madeley’s book....his long experience in the field has enabled him to draw together many strands....I hope that it will stimulate decision makers to muster the necessary political will and resources to tackle the scourges of hunger and malnutrition.    - Jacques Diouf (Director-General of FAO)

 ....unmasks the global effort to deprive the South of the ability to feed itself .   - Devinder Sharma

Hungry for Trade
How the Poor Pay for Free Trade (2000)

John Madeley explores some key questions about the “free trade” advocated by the World Trade Organisation and others.  He shows how the world’s poor are paying for this “free trade”, how millions have lost their land and their livelihoods because of trade liberalisation. 

 The book looks at the effects of international trade in foodstuffs on the poor, and at the role the transnational corporations.  It examines how developing countries can safeguard their farmers from trade liberalisation.  This is a clarion call to remove our ideological blinkers and think afresh.

Publisher: Zed Books       Hardback:   ISBN  1 85649 864 6  £32.95        Paperback: ISBN  1 85649 864 4    £9.99

Comments on “Hungry for Trade”

.....a timely and important resource for the growing debate on trade and agriculture and the review of WTO rules that promote trade at the cost of livelihoods and food security.....This book is an important milestone on the road towards food democracy.   Vandana Shiva

 John Madeley has spent his life advocating the cause of farmers in the poorer countries....His ability to research complex issues like TRIPS, genetically modified foods and the CAP, and to explain in simple terms how they are damaging the poor, is astounding.  And we know he is right.     John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich

 * “Hungry for Trade” is the best selling title in Zed Book’s Global Issues series


The above books can be obtained from:

 John Madeley, 19 Woodford Close, Caversham, Reading, UK, RG4 7HN            email

or from booksellers

John Madeley’s other books are:

"Trade and the Poor: the impact of international trade on developing countries", Intermediate Technology Publications, 1992 and 1995.

"Land is Life: land reform and sustainable agriculture", Intermediate Technology Publications, 1992.  (co-editor)

"When Aid is No Help: how projects fail and how they could succeed", Intermediate Technology Publications, 1991.  (Available from  IT Publications, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH)

His other publications include:

"Corporate Control of the Food Chain: the GM link", Consumers International, 2003.
"Crops and Robbers", Action Aid, 2001.
"Food for all: Can hunger be halved?" Panos, 2001.
"The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Food Security in the South" CIDSE, 2001.
"Trade and hunger", Forum Syd, 2000.
"Brussels' blind spot: the lack of coherence between poverty eradication and the European Union's other policies", Christian Aid/APRODEV, 1999.
"Trade and the Hungry: how international trade is causing hunger", APRODEV, 1999.
"Hungry for Power", UK Food Group, 1999 (editor).
"Foreign Exploits: Transnationals and tourism", CIIR briefing paper, 1996.
"Yours for Food: Plant genetic resources and food security", Christian Aid, 1996.
"Fish: A net loss for the poor"; briefing paper, Panos Institute,1995.
"Tobacco: the Smoke Blows South"; briefing paper, Panos Institute, 1994.
"Who Runs the World?", Christian Aid, 1994, (co-author).
"Winners and Losers: The Impact of the GATT Uruguay Round on Developing Countries", Christian Aid, 1993, (co-author).
"Diego Garcia: Contrast to the Falklands", Minority Rights Group, 1984.
"Human Rights Begin with Breakfast", Pergamon Press/UNA, 1982.
"Planet as Community",  Holystone Publications, 1980.

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